Spam/Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail

Like most ISPs on the Internet, the overwhelming amount of inappropriate, illegal and invasive e-mail that bombards our clients' mailboxes has forced us to implement various systems to screen out sources of spam.

We take great pains to ensure that no legitimate e-mail is ever blocked by our security systems. If you feel that legitimate mail has been blocked, please forward us details (including full message headers) using this form and we will fix it right away. NOTE: If you are unable to submit the form and get any kind of error, try re-sending just the information listed below - the error code/line:
Most errors from our network will be in this form:

"550 REJECTED your network for spamming xxxx - See http://spam.icorp.net/"
- the "xxxx" letters/numbers are what we need to correct any mail blocking issue - send us these details from your rejected mail and we'll fix it immediately. You can use this form to send the info to us right now.

NOTE: ICorp uses industry-standard relay blacklisting services, which usually means if our system is rejecting your mail, tens of thousands of other networks around the world may be doing so as well. It's imperative that you contact your ISP and let them know, or take steps yourself to investigate the degree to which your Internet Service Provider may be harboring what we consider to be illegal activity, and distance yourself from such unethical and inappropriate entities, lest you have this problem in perpetuity.

ICorp vigorously investigates and pursues action against ALL system probes, illegal login attempts, DoS attacks. We have a relationship with the federal investigation agencies and several pending cases pursuing the criminal prosecution of those who are tampering with (or even attempt to tamper with) our systems. Pursuant to the USA Patriot Act, such actions may be subject to tremendous fines, prison time and even capital punishment. This is no joke. Our corporate and government customers demand nothing less than ever-vigilant prosecution of those who interrupt our systems.

How to check your ISP and find out more about these issues

Visit these sites:

How you can improve the spam protection

Please visit the web site SPAMCOP.NET and use their system to report any spam you receive in your mail box. This will improve the accuracy of many sites on the Internet in quickly identifying new sources of UCE.

Are you blocked because of virus/worm activity?

In order to stem the rising tide of rogue computers sending out viruses and worms, you may find your system blacklisted. Please make sure your computer system is virus/worm free and has all the lastest patches. Most blacklisted systems due to this type of activity are DSL and Cable-modem subscribers who are using their IP address as an SMTP relay. Our efforts to prohibit these systems from directly sending mail should not affect normal mail service from legitimate ISP e-mail relays. If you are running an independent SMTP/mail server from an IP block designated as home-use broadband, you may need to contact us using this this form to have your network authorized.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We regret we have to implement these procedures but it has become necessary in order to protect our clients from abuse.